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amplificator semnal gsm 900mhz st960





Cellular repeater ST960

- Coverage: 600sqm

- Frequency: 900 MHz

Price € 279

amplificator semnal gsm 900mhz st970





Cellular repeater ST970

- Coverage: 800 sqm

- Frequency: 900 MHz

Price € 295

amplificator semnal gsm 900mhz st980





Cellular repeater ST980

- Coverage: 1500sqm

- Frequency: 900 MHz

Price € 379



A GSM/3G signal amplifier is a device designed to compensate for the RF signal coverage and improve mobile phone connectivity between mobile terminals and operator's base station.The signal is received, intensified and distributed inside a particular area. The system includes an outdoor yagi antenna for signal reception, an indoor antenna for signal emission, low loss cables, connectors and power supply. All hardware to install quickly and correctly.

The equipments provided are very effective, easy to install and DO NOT put your health at risk !

If you place an order you get:

-Reasonable prices

-Professional Tech Support ( over 4 years of experience in RF engineering )

-30 days money back guarantee!

-24 Months Warranty ( the longest warranty time on the market ! )

-Quality services

When you want to purchase similar equipment you should consider: the surface that is intended to be covered, frequency of the signal ( GSM 900/1800 or 3G 2100Mhz ). I am very glad to offer ready solutions for: Small and medium houses, office buildings or vacation houses. If you want me to help, do not hesitate to contact me


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